Karla Brunet

A Talk on Antarctica Tempo

Antartica Tempo is an audiovisual performance about my subjective observations during a 60-day expedition to Antarctica. The language portrayed here is the technical image; the remix of this imagined place and tempo. It is a mix of codes – software and language – trying to translate the lived experience in this faraway location. Images, sounds and voices are processed and edited in real-time. They are about the cold, the endless day, the rough sea, the seasickness, the dangerous drake, the boredom, the confinement, the beautiful and eccentric landscapes, the underwater, the cold water, the lack of possibility to walk around and Brunet’s body in a different environment. Besides the environmental issues, it is also about being in a military environment, about following rules, having someone organize your routine (when you eat and what you eat), about hierarchy and behaving in accordance with their timing. Antarctica Tempo is about the tempo there, the pace in this icy continent. It is also a reference to the word tempo in Portuguese which means time but also the weather. During the expedition I frequently heard that Antarctica is about Tempo – pace, patience, timing and weather. This “tempo” was what defined my days in Antarctica.

Karla Brunet is an artist and researcher, Ph.D. in Audiovisual Communication and MFA in Photography. She has participated in exhibitions in Europe, Middle East and America. Karla is a professor at IHAC/UFBA and coordinates the Ecoarte, an interdisciplinary research/art group. Her art practices involve photography, video art, data visualization, hybrid art, audiovisual performance, webart, mapping art, and gaming.

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Conference 2020

2020 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Czech-Brazilian cultural theorist and philosopher Vilém Flusser (1920–1991). On this occasion, the aim of this two-day conference is to bring emerging and experienced artists and scholars together in order to discuss Flusser’s ideas and concepts on language and his philosophy of language.

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